SECOND SKIN FAIR POST. I am dishing these out okay! I am not playing around this year, okay! If I have to go simple with these posts I will! Alrighty lets dive right into this post! In the photo I am wearing Pity Party Tone 4 along with Top1Salon and Immortuos. The eyes are from S0ng at Warehouse Sales. Now Pity Party has 4 tones, Fourth tone being the darkest. I wish she had chubby otherwise I’d be set. She has everything else but the chubby body. Flat chest, cleavage. Skins are pretty straight forward. Ya know, now my thing when it comes to Top1Salon is that I do not like how they do their I guess “tones” I dunno what you call it. But it confuses the flip out of me. I like bright things and I gravitate towards them. No matter how hard I try to not do bright things it always ends up bright. Even on Happy Weekend I get confused as to what is the different between her mess and I don’t end up buying her products because I just want some lipstick. I am pretty sure I missed some bomb eyeshadow and lipstick over this issue, but I think it’s annoying and stupid.

Anyways it took me awhile that on the lipsticks that you can see the shading for what its made for. Like Coffee was made for darker skins. I was like oh MF. For real?! So when I opened the box for Top1Salon I saw Sunny and instantly thought Bright because hello the sun is bright and coffee is dark? Why would I want some dark lipstick? But MAN just put the lipsticks bright/dark! So annoying lool Side note they are very pretty lipsticks as you can see below! Yall still have TWO more days left for Skin Fair opening if you are in Lelutka group you can get early access on the March 11th I believe at Noon? But look for the notice to go out!



Hair: Lamb. Doll

Head: Lelutka – Fleur

Eyes: Eyes: S0ng – Ocean Eyes [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Skin: Pity Party – Tulip – Tone 4 [New][@ Skin Fair]

Body: Legacy Perky

Ears: Andore – Mesh Ears – Human [Free][Group Gift][1L][75L to Join]


Top: Loki – Ashley Ruffle Tee & Bra [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Shorts: Lunar – Nini Shorts – Pink Mix :3


Collar: Kibitz – Natasha’s heart collar – silver

Lipstick:Top1Salon – HD JO Lipstick [Shown in Sunny][New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyelashes: Immortuos – Esme Lashes [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyebrows: Immortuos – Valia Brows [New][@ Skin Fair]

Pose: Sari-Sari- FP04 [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Pity Party – Tulip: Tone 04, Tone 03, Tone 02, Tone 01 with/without brows.
Top1Salon – HD Jo: Coffee/Pale/Sunny/Tan
This is an official PGP Skin Fair Certified Post

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