Senpai, come play.

Okay so this is the quick quick post for Hentai fair it legit opens up in 56 minutes. I wasn’t feeling great all day and I am still not. Something is bothering my stomach and my migraines were acting up all day. So Hentai Fair opens up and no I am not a legit blogger for it, but Seka is there. Body suit and knives are there. Body suit is called Gesugao and it comes in basically all mainstream bodies including Kupra and the Kups. Now before you ask where is the hentai particles it’s included inside the bodysuit purchase. So don’t worry. You can customize everything I didn’t go all out I just wanted to do something simple. Seka NOW has it on the hud you can make things sheer I didn’t really do it this time I only made it like 40%. Not a lot. Knife Play comes with 2 animation which works WITH your AO and comes with effects and then she has them without No animations with effects and without. SO 2 animations with/without effects No animations with/without effects. Got it? Remember it opens up midnight now go get your freaky tentacle sex on for the next three days.



GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W002


Collar: :::insanya::: Chocker Classic

Earrings: [ bubble ] Baby Hoop [Gacha]

Knives: SEKA’s Gesugao Play Toy – NO anim [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Particle: SEKA’S Hentai Particles [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Gag: Cubic Cherry – {Kawaii kokoro} gag silver


SEKA’s Gesugao Body [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Pose: made by me

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