Dog Off

A little late getting this post out. I did lose track of time, but if you hadn’t been you have a little less than an hour to go to Mainframe before it closes it’s doors tomorrow. I got inspired by another artist but theirs was waaay better. Mine didn’t come out quite correctly how I wanted I took this photo at least three times before I settled on this one? And it’s still wasn’t correct. I actually lost the artists name and portfolio so once I run across it again I’ll link it!

Anyways not much to say! Have a great weekend!



Helmet: :::SOLE::: SA – Helmet Kage (White) [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Gun: SAC SCAR-H Mk.17 v1.00 FULL [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Bike: Fashiowl – Cyberpunk MonoBike – Pose [New][@ Mainframe][Part of Pose pack]

Tattoo: Apocalyptic – Cybercircuits [New][@Mainframe]


Top: Blossom&Seeds Novak Vest LG [Glow] [New][@Mainframe]

Bottoms: Blossom&Seeds Novak Body LG [Glow] [New][@ Mainframe]

Boots: AsteroidBox. Obsidian Boots – Legacy Female

Leggings: Gawk! White Nylon Leggings / Tattered / Light A


Drones: AiiZawa – ARX-D MK V Drone [New][@ Mainframe]

Road: [inZoxi] – Cyberskybox – Nightlit Road_05 [New][@ Mainframe]

Road 2: [inZoxi] – Cyberskybox – Nightlit Road_01 [New][@ Mainframe]

Road 3: [inZoxi] – Cyberskybox – Nightlit Road_03 [New][@ Mainframe]

Road 4: [inZoxi] – Cyberskybox – Nightlit Road_02 [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – Bankers Collective [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower 2: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – Robotics Core [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower 3: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – MilCorp [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower 4: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – Robotics Core [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower 5: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – The Halifax [New][@ Mainframe]

Tower 6: [inZoxi] – Skybox Greebles – The Buvins Sky Platform [New][@ Mainframe]

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