I’m on a roll with posts this month or week. It helps that I am annoyed more so frustrated not annoyed. Just a lot plaguing my mind, but self love is helping. My brother’s cat and I are chillin’ everyday and he helps a lot. Whenever I am feeling down or I start to miss him he jumps out of no where and sits in front of me and stares like he knows or it could be he wants a treat. But yesterday I watched one of my brother’s favorite movies and I laughed like I hadn’t before in a long time and it felt great. Do I cry less? No, I cry more and more. I don’t think I’ll stop crying for awhile every time I look up it’s getting closer and closer to July. This morning I woke up in a panic and I still have troubles sleeping. Being honest I don’t feel like I can connect with anyone how I use to anymore So I am back to burying myself into my blogging and developing myself because I want too and not to get approval of anyone anymore.

So I took inspiration from a talented artist called J Hill who is a character artist and I saw their character broad and I was like HEY WHOA HOLD IT this is the girl I want to do! I know I have her hair style in my messy inventory and I KNOW I do I just can’t remember the name nor designer, but once I submit the post it’s going to hit me like OMG I remember now. But this girl he created I know is a bad ass. I also tried to do pores again give it a go I hope I did okay I didn’t want to give it a acne vibe. So tell me what you guise think. I’m sorry I don’t change my ears, I don’t buy human ears. So you either get pixie or monster type ears and I didn’t want to use the lelutka human ears because I am lazy >.>



Hair: [Gauze] Harley – Color-ified [No Longer available]

Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.5

Skin: Pepe Skins – Miu V2 / LE 06 Goddess BOM

Eyes: Psycho Pills – Star Guardian Dark


Eye Implant: UNGOD Cyber Eye Spider – BB Left [New][@ Mainframe]

Tattoo: Nefekalum Tattoos – Decommissioned (Blue) [New][@ Mainframe]

Earrings: Rainbow Sundae – Neon Tri Earring [New][@ Mainframe]

Collar: [LiLiMD] Cyber Collar [New][@ Mainframe]

Jacket: krankhaus – Maitreya – Plastixxx Jacket [It can fit legacy]

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