The jokes on you

Warning and not sorry, but I felt like being a clown. I like clowns and should do more clown styles and I wanted to go for a neon clown look. Also this previous weekend sale I HAD to fatpack Moons outfit. I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT FATPACK unless it’s dirt cheap or unless it’s something inside I have to have and will use and I spoke to Sugah about it and I was like Sugah I dunno if I should fatpack! And she was like Fatpack it. I was hesitant, but I am glad I did. MAN I was just picking colours and just having a ball with this outfit. I never really have fun with clothing items normally I dread blogging items because they’re boring? I guess that is why I love Cyber aesthetic because it’s neon and bright and you can let the barriers down and get away with a lot of different looks.

So I definitely had fun with this look and I couldn’t wait to just like hurry up and get this out I was excited! Then Rotten another favorite store lately released this clown like makeup and then Quirky had this jewelry set that came with a weapon but I didn’t blog it sadly but it’s a wicked weapon though! So everything just fell in line! Anyways just enjoy the look if you didn’t pick up the outfit from Moon you missed out and also the Cell Shading is only available in Fatpack not singles. Not sure how much fatpack is now but it was 500L over the weekend so I am guessing it’ll probably be higher now; but double check.



Hair: [Runaway Hair] Stacy Hair

Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.5

Eyes: Psycho Pills – Glitch Pop

Skin: Pepe Skins – Dorothy V2 / Goddess FR NB LE


Eyebrows: [Simple Bloom] Evo_FLEUR JF S.LT [A] 10

Face paint: Rotten – Birthday Bitch [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Bite marks: Ladybird. // Bite Marks – Fresh [New][@ Warehouse Sales]


Top: Moon. Cyber Love Bra Cell Shade EXCLUSIVE – Legacy – FatPack

Bottoms: Moon. Cyber Love Shorts Cell Shade EXCLUSIVE – Legacy – FatPack


Rings: RAWR! Chaos Rings [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Collar: Quirky – Jazzed up Collar [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Cuffs: Quirky – Jazzed Up Cuffs [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Cell Shade: EUTHANASIA – Body Outline

Nails: E.marie /// Mix&Match – Coffin Nails – Petty Princess


Balloons: hive // single star balloon . silver

Balloons 2: hive // single star balloon . black

Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Pink’n’Blue Hallway RARE

A close up of everything more clearly so you can see. To me the bites didn’t show very well on dark tones, but that could be me though!

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