There will be blood

Hey Readers

We are half way in January right and what a ride? Are there any updates with me? Still so so! I have my good days and bad days. Still blogging is not quite there. All week long I have been complaining about having gone color blind and having a clothing crisis. I lost my mojo. Sigh! So yall know me! One of my favorite things to blog is Cyber Punk and Futuristic fashion and Mainframe is upon us within a few days and here I thought I would be like this is great! Which it is, but the Cyber Punk Pryncess has lost her mojo!

FIKA has released his wonderful chest augmentation piece and I will tell yall it’s great! I am wearing Legacy Perky of course, and it fits great. The chest piece comes with boobs! SO you can wear boobs ladies if you are on the bigger side they will look a tad bit bigger than norms but they look great. I didn’t wear them here because I wanted to show off the inside. I didn’t take a gif of the flashing inside but it does come with a tummy cover and a nice Augmentation piece display for you to show off like in decor items or store. Trust me it’s great.

Solares also has these gacha droid bots and yall know me I am about those gadgets. If they talk, float, walk, and/or attach I am with it. The little droids even do RP talk and so forth pretty fun! Anyways Mainframe starts Jan 20th – Feb 13th! Plenty of time to let the crowd die down and so forth!



HEAD: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W001

Eyebrows: Suicidal Unborn – Necromancer – Eyebrows White

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pop Pixie


Cyborg: ANTINATURAL[+] Specter Collar / STEEL

Implants FX: Suicidial Unborn – Necromancer /FXMakeup04 Eyes+Contour+Implants/

Implant : Astara – Chip-n-Mix #1

Implant 2: [ Conviction ] Mutant Implants

Gun: SAC – MP5 Striker v2 00 Full [Was available at previous Warehouse Sales]


Pauldron: [CX]&::SOLE:: – Pauldron (Red) (R)

Chest piece: Fika – Chassis Augmentation – Legacy [New][@ Mainframe]

Bottoms: Blueberry – 4/11 Deal – Leggings – Legacy

Piercing Bridge: Normandy – Acro Bridge

Piercing Nose Ring: Normandy – Arco Dual Nose Ring

Earrings: Normandy – Acro Earring

Prosthetics: Normandy – Input Prosthetics [New][@ Mainframe]

Arm Guard: Seka – Glitch Arm

Cigarette: Normandy – Heart Cig

Nails: Conviction – The Claws v.2


Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:.Shinjuku Street [Was available at previous Warehouse Sales]

Vending Machine: Ninety – Cyber Vending Food [Burger]

Trashcan: CHI – dirty cyberpunk Bin

Droids: solares >> ZAP-01 – Blue [C] [New][@ Mainframe]

Droids 2: solares >> ZAP-01 – Orange [C][New][@ Mainframe]

Droids 3: solares >> ZAP-01 – Medic [R][New][@ Mainframe]

Barrel: PITAYA – Under Destruction – yellow barrel

Barrel 2: PITAYA – Under Destruction – blue barrel

Barrel 3: PITAYA – Under Destruction – orange barrel

Barrel 4: PITAYA – Under Destruction – green barrel

Floor Droid: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Fancy Jr.

Floor Droid 2: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Rover

Floor Droid 3: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Cronk

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