Night Lyfe

Hello dear readers,

Nothing really worth while on talking about unless is grief. I feel like this is such a huge deal to myself because I can’t stop thinking about so many things and I just sit in bed most days and sleep away like I did today. I didn’t wake up till 2pm slt. At times I feel like I am losing my friends, myself and my feelings. I feel myself turning bitter towards everyone and nothing I enjoy anymore doesn’t help. I can’t even enjoy Spongebob anymore and I hardly want chicken and those are big deals to me. I’m miserable and it even shows in my photos. I honestly enjoyed doing one photo recently and that was my Grinch photo because I could connect to that character. It felt really amazing to cosplay the Grinch and get that frustration out but it seemed like it wasn’t enough.

Who knew that losing someone close to you would affect so deeply. Good thing I am sleeping at night, but I woke up at least twice during my new prescribed medication, but I slept. Here’s to 2021…



Hair: YOMI – Kuro Hair [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Head: Lelutka – Lilly

Skin: Glam Affair – Lala


Outfit: Insanya – Lola Outfit [New][@ #BigGirl]

Piercing: Mellow – Diamond Navel Piercing [New][@ #BigGirl]

Nails: bunnyboo – plain jane 2

Rings: Anyaya – Simple Bento Rings

Background: anxiety %home

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