Night Krawler

It’s getting closer to Halloween and closer to Second Vanity Halloween Edition being finished! I admit yall I am tired. I finished things for events and group gifts and I am mentally drained. I apologize if I disappear for days/weeks without photos. I just need a break sometimes.

I missed the prepost for Hallow Manor and it’s open. It opened yesterday at Noon SLT and it’s going till Nov 1. I’ll post the flyer down below like normal! You have great sponsors such as: Wicca’s Original, Insomnia Angel, Fundati, Static, and Madame Nori. Some great other designers are in Fika, La Malvada Mujer, Annex, Afterparty, Deathrow Designs, Lilithe and much more! Don’t forget Hallow Manor has a hunt too I’ll explain that in more depth…now

Hallow Manor Hunt HOW TO HUNT

50L – Bronze package you use this hud to find 10 keys. The keys are hidden anywhere in the event area. Find the key and touch it. Hud will record your touch. Can’t touch the same key twice. You MUST be within 15 meters for the key to register. Once you found all 10 keys you can claim your prize. The Hud will deactivate. You will buy one bronze hud for every prize you like to win!

150L – Silver package you use this hud to get a prize BUT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO FIND THE 10 KEYS (those that are lazy hunters). This hud automatically unlocks one of the prizes and sends you to the secret locations to the prize room. Once you claim the prize you want, the hud decactivates and well it’s a rinse and repeat.

5000L – Gold package well it basically unlocks everything and it has no hunting involved you just buy the hud teleport to the secret location and collect all the prizes and enjoy. Trust me all the prizes are worth it.

Anyways enjoy a great Saturday!



Hair: Besom – Beautiful Maids

Head: Lelutka – Nuri

Skin: Nuve. Lilith skin Onyx – Lelutka Evo [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Eyes: Rainbow Sundae – Bewitching Eyes Rare 1 Tree Right// Bat Left [New][@ Hallow Manor][Gacha]


Eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Discordia Eyeshadow [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer – Discordia Lipstick [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Nails: Venge – Stiletto Nail Starter Set

Nail Polish: Venge – Hallow’s Eve [New][@ Hallow Manor]


Rings: Velika Rituals – Spooky Lil Rings

Bracelet: [Bubble] – Spiderweb Spikes Cuffs [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Earrings: Cinphul – Jem III

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