IT’S OCTOBER FIRST. You know what that means It’s the first day of many great events such as Gacha Guild. I normally do a pre post, but I was busy busy and got behind on doing it. I am not really covering this event, but I had to have a few items from this and with the great graciousness of Nama and a few others I was given a few items. Thank you.

Gacha Guilds theme this time around is Horror Carnival. It’s sponsored by Static, Junk Food, Cubic Cherry, Hilted, Teabunny, Tardfish, Inzoxi and a few more. There are a few new combers that are there such a new store called Beanz who I had the opportunity of meeting! She created a new mod called SkeleBeanz. I am wearing a rare inverted skeleton 2. It’s really inexpensive to play the machine. She has 1 ultra rare which I won’t tell you and 2 secret rares. It’s 30 items in the machine. 9 commons, 9 uncommons, 9 rares – normals , and 9 rares – skeleton.

This was more so a creative post for me. I just had to do a quick post about Gacha Guild it didn’t feel right not not doing a post about a event I been blogging for since 2016. But I will do a half time shoutout reminder! It’s open so go and play some gachas! Cheers


Hair: lock&tuft – jester

Mod: Beanz – Skelebeanz – R001-s [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Head: Cerberus – Canis Bento Head

Tail: Happy Paw Lion Tail


Top hat: Moon Amore – Circus – Insane Hat – Ghost

Body suit: Antinatural – Carnival Freaks – Clown Outfit – Beige


Mouth: ::Static:: Prop Hunt H2020 – 18 Freaky Wall Mouth UNCOMMON [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Pumpkins: .Tardfish. 1. Headless Horsemen Head – RARE [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Bottles: ::Static:: Prop Hunt H2020 – 11 Bottle Toss Game Props [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Manticore: ::Static:: Prop Hunt H2020 – 19 Circus Manticore Standee RARE [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Posters: ::Static:: Prop Hunt H2020 – 07 Funky Circus Posters [New][@ Gacha Guild]

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