Do you have any Phobias?

Phobia Moonwing Pumpkin Special Edition


I got something special for you today! Earlier this week Fika has finally released their new brand called Phobia! It’s some great handmade skins that they have been working on for the longest of time been keeping it under wraps even from me! Can you believe that! Subtle hints, but I am too goofy to pick up on them! I was blessed with snagging their special edition Pumpkin tone! So I am going to break everything down that you get within the purchase and so forth!

When you get open the pill bottle hud and YES it is a pill bottle hud which is BOMB I forgot to gyazo out and show you, but I’ll let your imagination run wild with it but it’s great!

Okay so! Pump Special edition include

  1. Genus BOM face Layer
  2. Regular Body Layer // BOM
  3. Chubby Body Layer // BOM
  4. Legacy/Maitreya/Belleza
  5. Special Edition Includes Makeup

Moonwing has 13 shades and I will post the chart below right now!

There all fantasy based tones and named rather horror spooky names which I thought was different and great. I think it’s awesome to get more fantasy tones on the grid. And as someone who loves to wear weird things and experiment defiantly love. As I type this my eyes constantly goes towards Sky, Demon, Imp and the purple one. I am sure the natural tones will come within the couple months!

I also love the fact that Fika as included chubby belly and it’s a great chubby belly also the belly button is that of a chubby broad. What does it look like the body you say? WELL it’s coming up also! Yes I did this up as a Skin Fair Post so you yall can see and make your own call on the body. She made it so that it’s Cleavage and Chubby/ No Cleavage and Chubby / Regular and Cleavage and No Cleavage and Regular. Also the face comes with brows and no brows you all know how I like a face with no brows that was like the first thing I look for.

Inconclusion with Phobia skin’s. For the price and what you get they are really great skins. Starting off not most new skin creators don’t even do chubby they just do standard and then add all that later, but it was a treat to see chubby I was shocked to be honest. There is no complaints I have at all, the skin fit on all of my genus faces and it didn’t feel not my face if ya understand what I mean. It’s a beautiful face in all honesty. I advise yall to seriously check out Phobia the new up coming skin store!


Hair: lock&tuft – BRYCE hair [New][@ Equal10]

Eyes: Jenova Project – Spare Parts – Chaos Eyes [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Eyelashes: Evermore – Honey Lashes [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Body: MeshBody – Legacy Perky

Skin: Phobia: MOONWING : GENUS : PUMPKIN /BR [New]


Dress: Insanya – Khole Dress [New]

Shoes: Phedora – Jezebel Boots


Septum: Rainbow Sundae – Starry Septum [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Nose Ring: Rainbow Sundae – Starry Stud [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Necklace: Cinphul – Roselle II – Necklace [New]

Rings: Midna – Dara Rings [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Nails: Gorgeous Dolls – Feeling Myself – Iced Diva Talonz – Gemmed

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