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Hey yall

So I am going to do this a little backwards. This photo below is a bit heavy with not safe work. An this is completely different. I mean COMPLETELY. Over the week, I’ve been told to put aside my OC (original character) and try to make up new characters in scenes and see how that works for me. At first I didn’t understand it I thought I was told to come up with a different character concept so I was freaking out and like Le Gasp! I have to figure out how to bring her adopted sister in and finish coming up with her concept and so forth.

I was feeling so conflicted, but they were telling me to stop cosplaying whenever I do events and that whenever I do certain events I come up with different characters but I’ll tweak change different elements but keep certain traits of my OC. So they said change. We know you are YOU, but we want to see a different character. We know you can come up with several characters, your imagination is wild beyond wild so you can do it.

Well in this photo I made a new girl. She is addicted to being a street girl. She has a thing for extreme kinks and it involves around her usually being poisoned. She wasn’t an attractive female, not extremely smart neither. On her way home one day after college she was attacked by a masked assailant and he cut up her face with a carving knife he also smashed her head into a concrete wall and caused brain damage. Which now you have a deranged street girl with extreme kinks.

Welp! Tell me what you think about the photo minus the nsfw aspect which isn’t new. Just nerves about the entire thing.

Have a great Friday



Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W002

Hair: bonbon – reiko hair L-no bang [New][Group Gift]

Bangs: bonbon – reiko bang A-R [New][FLF]

Body: [Signature] Alice Body [@ Signature Event]

Eyebrows: Mewsery – Pride Eyebrows – Alva # Green

Scars: The Rotting lab – Waster – Scar – Dark

Lipstick: Spookshow – Abbadon Lip – Black – Smudged


Tongue: Axix – Jibril Tongue [Pierced] Juicy

Drips: Fika – “Milk” Honey Drip

Nipple Piercings: Fika – Prn Str Hoops [Unrigged][New][@ Whore Couture]

Poison Bottle: The White Crow – Antidote – Purple [New][Was at The Warehouse Sales//Now Available at Mainstore]

Nose Ring: Zombie Suicide – Chained Septium

Belly Piercing: Cinphul – Mark Bellyring [Unrigged]

Nails: Livia – Cynara Nails [New][@ Signature Event]

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo – Honey [New][@ Signature Event]

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