Double Up


So I did a double post and I am tired. So I had to have this weapon from Warehouse Sale and I am a weapons person. I love weapon in-world and can’t get enough of them. I am a hoarder I admit. So I have been trying to do some different techniques with things and I tried to do a new technique with motion blur. So excuse of it didn’t come out quite how I wanted too but this photo went from meh to this is bomb! There are still some things I still wanna learn and slowly learning them! Same with my little store! It all takes practice and time! Anyways this photo will be on Flickr tomorrow but it will be posted asap! I am going to get some sleep! Tomorrow another post and maybe another one! Ha who knows!



Hair: KMH Hair CP005 [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001

Skin: Stargazer Creations – Cyber Future Skin – Rare 02 [New][Gacha]

Body: Meshbody – Legacy Perky

Ears: Trap – Beastie Fluff Ears


Jumper: Normandy – Nite Jumper Stripes

Sneakers: Gutchi – Astrolunar Sneakers


Headset: Chris Two Designs – Cyber VR Headset Y.2077 [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Arm Guards: Seka – Glitch Arms [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Leggings: Seka – Waifu Latex

Leg Guards: Seka – Glitch Leg [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Hand Gear: Seka – Cyberlita Hand

Weapon: Val’More – Asura Blade [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Hoverboard: Sau – Hoverboard


Sign: VISUALPHA / cyber dreams / neon sign / superhard

Flys: Ersch – Muhosy Accessories & Deco [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Backdrop: La Matriz – Far Horizons – The Bearded Guy [New][@ Cyber Fair]

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