Basic introduction: Alice body by Signature

Ladies meet this good ol’ Introduction to the Alice body by Signature!

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Talk about a stressful two days. I have no clue what made me pull through but this was some stressful. I am not going to do a full run down because in all honest I am tired and I want to go and enjoy my Friday Night. So the video explains the Hud and gives you a great view of the body and a great run down. I am sorry if the video is a bit choppy my editing skills are not up to par. So please go check out the event.

Signature event is sponsored by:

Palegirl Productions and Signature also these lovely other sponsors below!

  • Arcback
  • Gabriel
  • Lelutka
  • Vinyl
  • Wazzerworks
  • Zara Kent

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Head: Lelutka – Nuri

Hair: Camo – Blaze Dreads (Unrigged) v2

Eyeshadow: Koonz – (3) So Sad

Freckles:  Lemun – B – Puddin [New][@ Girl Power]

Lipstick: GoreGlam – Forever Summer – Special Collection [New][@ Girl Power]


Top: -:zk:- Jennifer Top [New][@ Signature]

Bottoms: -:zk:- Jennifer Pant [New][@ Signature]

Shoes: :ANDORE: – shoes – I’m a Star [New][@ Signature]

Tattoo: 4761 – Unreal :. [New][@ Signature]

Nails: Witchcraft – Fever Coffin Nails [New][@ Signature]

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