Pickle Juice

So I love Lock&Tuft’s items. I first fell in love with them when I discovered them in fifty linden friday. I bought a hair and I still have that hair. I became a huge fan after that and I swear by them even on my fursonas. Furries are always like I need hair that are easy to wear and so forth I am like Lock&Tuft. Their styles are diverse and unisex and now they are making cute bento hand hold objects like this pickle above. It was available for a previous fifty linden friday but you can get it still in store for full price and it’s forth. I am a huge fan of pickles I will drink pickle juice like it’s water even out of the jar. I’ll reserve it also.

I also love the fact that Alyxx the owner of Lock&Tuft had fun with the pickle colors you can pick different colors and of course I was like a purple pickle. I must pick it because duh purple is one of my favorite colors! Overall this was a very fun photo for me to do! I just had fun with it! I threw little this together and little of that and bam. Also don’t forget I have a busy busy busy September coming up, Girl Power/Desolation/The Warehouse Sales and Cyber Fair YES! I got Cyber Fair again. Also my store is in Finding Your Horoscope event once again so I am busy bunny! Girl power started and I have a few items in there featuring! I am rambling! Enjoying the rest of the Sunday I’m out to play some League, Sims 4 and to pester my Ma’am and SLfamily/Family bai!



Hair: lock&tuft – king (up)

Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Nuri.2.0

Body: Legacy (f) Perky (1.3.1)

Eyeshadow: Koonz – (6) FrEaK sHoW

Freckles: Lemun – more full frecksies [New][@ Girl Power]


Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Verano Bikini Bra

Jeans: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Don’t Be Shy Jeans

Panties: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Don’t Be Shy Panties


Choker: Inkhole – Chained Set – Choker Padlock

Nails: .:: Stunner Originals ::. Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Legacy [New][@ Girl Power]

Braclets: Seka – Summer Flash Braclets

Septum: Blaise – Lotus Septum Ring [New][@ Girl Power]

Tattoo: 4761 – Nothing Tattoo – 100% [New][@ Girl Power]

Horns: Evie – Cutedevil Horns

Horns 2: The Horror! Archfiend Horns – Purple

Pickle: lock&tuft – PICKLE bitten

Dermal: [ bubble ] Front Dimples Dermals Legacy

Dermal 2: [ bubble ] Venus Hearts Dermals Legacy

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