What mission am I on again?


This post was suppose to go out last night, but I fell asleep. The sword is extremely nice and I am upset I couldn’t capture it how I normally would with a gif because for some oddly reason my gif program was acting odd and it wouldn’t work. So I had to skip out on a gif that round. The sword you can open the case and close it, the bullets can change the colors, comes with a pose and combat mode for us bloggers and it’s animesh. I went Cyber Punk route because this makeup is from Bryne and it’s available at Desolation, it didn’t scream post apocalyptic. Don’t know, but regardless it’s a really great makeup comes with face and chest!



Hair: Alice Project Demonia Cyberlox

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Body: [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.3.1)


Makeup: (BYRNE) DesolationMask-Blue [New][@ Desolation]

Tattoo: (BYRNE) DesolationTattoo-Blue [New]@ Desolation]


Shrug: SEKA’s Plastika Shrug [New]

Top: Top: Normandy-FIBER.Top&Belt [L]

Bottoms: Bottoms: Normandy-FIBER.Panties&LegBelts [L]


Cuffs: Seka – Le Cuff

Weapon: [AiiZawa] TL-300 Ligthning Nodachi [De la Vie en Rose] 2.0 [New][@ Desolation]


Droid 1: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Panda Bot [Gacha]

Droid 2: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Fancy Jr. [Gacha]

Droid 3: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Cronk [Gacha]

Droid 4: HILTED – Baby Droid Gacha – Rover [Gacha]

Storage: D-LAB Cool box

Oil Drum: D-LAB Drum can 02

Oil Drum 2: D-LAB Drum can 01

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