It’s Friday night and I have nothing to do. I am enjoying the moment to myself. I did let my three pet rats out their cage and let them wander around. I do want to talk my picture I have a love and hate feeling going on with it. I love the lighting and shadowing, but I hate that I washed out my rings and whites in certain areas. Overall I am pretty happy with the photo. What I would rate my own photo I’ll give it 4.5. Why so low? I have no clue, maybe I don’t have faith in my own work and don’t know how to grade it correctly? Not really sure, but I do like the photo though.



Hair: bonbon – sam hair [fit]

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Body: Legacy (f) Perky (1.3)


Eyebrows: Gorsimi – Nikki Brows [New][@ Desolation]

Eyeshadow: Gorsimi – Ghost Shadows 02 [New][@ Desolation]

Eyelashes: Mukado – Casual Lashes [New][@ Girl Power]

Scars: The Rotting Lab – Waster – Scar – Tan [New][@ Desolation]

Freckles: Unnie – Coco Marks 4 [New][@ Girl Power]

Moles: Unnie – Coco Marks 1 [New][@ Girl Power]

Lipstick: Catplant – Pink Diamond Lips [New][@ Girl Power]

Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – Kairos Tattoo N3 [New]


Bracelet: Apothic – Ego Death [New][@ Desolation]

Rings: Cult – Halloween Rings

Nails: Blaxium – Aura Nails

Collar: Cinphul – Delphinion – Gold [New]

Nipple Rings: Ysoral – Luxe – N3 Piercing & Chain Clara

Critter 1: cinphul // minutiae [] [New]

Critter 2: cinphul // minutiae [] [New]

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