Readers it is Monday night and I can not sleep! I landed a lucky position of being a blogger for a new event called Desolation! It has weapons, gachas, accessories, mens wear, and unisex. The theme is post apocalyptic or things of being destruction. It’s not my niche persay but I am glad I got on as blogger so I can build up towards this! I always wanted to prove that I h ave what it takes to build these types of scenery and character concepts, but in this case I went to my home sweet home and did a cyber theme. Sue me okay! Seka does amazing work with colorful cyber items and I couldn’t help myself even with being in Desolation I still went cyber with her cage skirt! Ha! So Desolation opened up on July 25th and it runs till August 18th! So expect some randomness throughout the next couple of weeks with me swapping from Kawaii, Cyber, and Post Apocalyptic looks!


Hair: lock&tuft – juice hair [New][@ Man Cave]

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Glasses: Madame Noir – Bone Glasses [New][ @ Desolation]

Earrings: Koii – Biohazard Earrings [New][@ Desolation]

Septum: Madame Noir – Bone Septum [New][@ Desolation]

Mouthie: Seka – Plug

Lipstick: Ds’Elles – Lipstick Genus Gift

Face Tattoo: Rainbow Sundae – Desolate Nomad – Black Faded Dirty [New][@ Desolation]

Body Tattoo: Rainbow Sundae – Desolate Nomad – Black Faded Dirty [New][@ Desolation]

Collar: CHEERNOS/S_18 MAX Collar

Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Pool Party Bikini – Wet Version [Tinted]

Hands: Seka – Cyberlita Set [Hands Shown][New][@ Mainframe]

Skirt: Seka – Caged Waist[New][@ Desolation]

Panties: Seka – Caged Panty [New][@ Kinky// July 28th]

Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:. Cyber Ultimate

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