The Red Room

It took me a really long time to figure out how to even come up with a blog posts to be all honest. My creativity is shot with blog posts lately. Honest I just didn’t even try. I did get a really old hair I been dying to get from Hely and was grateful. Today is a really terrible day for me, I am down and been crying since last night randomly and on and off today I been crying. Just randomly, it could be because of a sad song or my dogs just gave me hugs to just make me feel better. So just take care of ya self

Hair: Ploom – Inge – Ploomage – Candy [No Longer Available]

.ploom. Hairbase – Candy 5

Ears: Buing – Neko Ears

Head: Genus Project – Classic Face W00 2

Body: Legacy – Perky Body

Tattoo: Axix – Tentacle – Body Marks – Bruised

Pubic Hair: #Adored – Mini Heart Muff – Bushy/Small – Red

Nipples: #Adored – Puffy Heart Nipples – 10/cool – Legacy

Choker: Antinatural – Post Human – Unholy Choker

Piercing: HoD – TV Piercing 8 Prt 2 – Pomegranate

Nipple Piercing: Bubble – Heart Nipple Piercings – Unrigged

Vagina: Bubble – Star Venus Piercing

Belly Piercing: Bubble – Tentacle Piercing

Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:.kiosk Good Drinks

Cross: Alterego – neon – drip cross white (static)

Candles: Second Spaces – Dark Glam drippy candles – purple/black

Candles 2: papermoon – Dripping Candles – Black

Stones: :[P]:- Wytchdawn Spirit Stone

Dildo: cinphul // theodore [ossein]

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