Sybor Princess

Today was the last day for the event Aenigma, it closes its doors tomorrow! But don’t worry the event will be back later on! The link is below so you can get your last minute shopping on. I don’t really have much to explain expect have a great weekend

Hair: Doe – Neon Queen – Fatpack [New][@ Epiphany]

Head: Genus – Strange W001

Skin: Glam Affair – Judy – #12

Eye liner: Gorsimi – Visualizer Shadows [New][@ Aenigma]

Lipstick: Gorsimi – Turbo Lipsticks [New][@ Aengima]

Tattoo: The Rotting Lab – Cybernetik Tattoo [New][@ Aenigma]

Tattoo 2: Jeanette Joints – Android 2-0 Selections

Crown: {Rosier} / Neon Crosses Halo / Crown 1 [New][@ Aenigma]

Halo: {Rosier} / Neon Crosses Halo / Halo 1 [New][@ Aenigma]

Horns: . The Rotting Lab . Cybernetik Horns [New][@ Aengima]

Head Wear: Wicca’s Originals – Pathfinder Set [New][@ Aengima]

Corset: [CX] Taut Amour – HG – Corset – Lilac

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy – Toxic Generator – TechAdventures [New][@ Aengima]

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