Monday happy one I hope for most! It’s okay for me, I been very down lately and I think for everyone for the b-lated birthday wishes. I promise I will answer all comments on flickr tonight and its nothing personal I just really hadn’t been myself and I will get back to favoring and watching new folks. But nothing much to explain here Aenigma ends in a couple of days so you have time to pick up some of these items and please do. They’re really neat! But I am going to go enjoy the rest of my day on another post!


Hair: DOUX – Elijah Hairstyle

Head: Genus – Strong W003

Eyes: Gloom – Death Collection

Piercing: Blaxium – Venenosa Piercing

Nails: Blaxium – Aura Nails

Face Tattoo: Nefekalum Tattoos – Digital Madness [New][@ Aenigma]

Lipstick: The Rotting Lab – Juciy Lips [New][@ Aenigma]

Tattoo 1: Lilithe’ – Kruonis Tattoos – Faded [New][@ Aneigma]

Tattoo 2: Lilithe’ – Porrima Tattoos – Faded [New][@ Aenigma]

Top: Insanya – ClaraBandeau Solids

Paludron: [CX]&::SOLE:: – Pauldron (Red)

Harness: :::SOLE::: GRPE – Harness EX (RED)

Belt: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Wrap Belt (Red)

Crotch: :::SOLE::: GRPE – Crotch Guard (RED)

Belly Piercing: cinphul // mark bellyring

Backdrop: VISUALPHA / cyber dreams / nightmare street (34li) / RARE [New][@ Aenigma]

Neon Sign: VISUALPHA / cyber dreams / neon sign / cyber dreams [New][@ Aenigma]

Pose: Human Glitch

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