The Sea Nymph

Above the ocean waters there the two legged creatures known as humans dwell above the surface. Two toad like eyes were lurking from under the dock where two pair of feet were dangling. Curious creature her species was, hiding between the docks as she tried to understand what these two legged creatures were talking about. All to her she heard was a foreign language that sounded like rewinding an movie or playing a old record backwards. Still she watched the surface world from a distances even sometimes mimicking the way the females would touch their hair, but she would do it with her tendrils instead.

She would watch them for hours on end, sitting there trending water. Sometimes she would see the female surface species smile at their male species and she would give an awkward smile showcasing fang like teeth across her grill. Once the pair left she would feel a bit sad. Thoughts raced in her mind like that of a horse, wondering where did they go. How could she be apart of their world or make her world better. As the sunset she finally turned away from the docks and dove under where her home was. Crystals lined the walls and bottom of the cavern that she made into her home. All sorts of different plants and made a nice bedding for her as she floated on down. Beyond the distances she caught sight of what looks like hope as she let her thoughts consume her…

Fantasy Faire is near it’s end! But you still have until the 15th to venture the sims and explore! Trust me it’s lots to explore! Meet some of the characters that are about and even do the Fantasy Faire Quest they do each year! Enjoy the faire yall and partake in some of the events they have going on and don’t forget to donate for Relay for Life!

Tendrils: .:Soul:. Naikkim Head Tendrils (Single)

Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] – Heavy Heart

Head: Lelutka – Nuri

Eyes: TSM Mutant Creature Eyes [Mesh] – Twisted Treefrog – L

Body: Slink Hourglass

Skin: Soul – G3 – Jalyn – Raintomeya v2 – Forqua [New][@ Fanasy Faire]

Bathing suit: FantaSea: BombShell [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Crystals: FaceDesk – Magical Crystal Cluster [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Plant: Fantasy China – Mesh Magical Plant 1

Nails: Blaxium – Aura Nails

Webbing: AII – Webbed Hands

Melusina’s Depths
Melusina’s Depths
Melusina’s Depths

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