The Harpy

She was a huntress. She was breed to be the perfect killing machine. They kept them in laboratories on an island in the middle of no where. Taking the embryo from their mother wombs since harpies mothers kill their sexual partners once they have successfully mated while you only see female harpies. The culture of harpies is a savage one. Most harpies were captured in the wild and put into a artificial environment. Their food they would catch was processed and unfamiliar. Most of the harpies that was captured died off due to a mysterious conic illness that spread quickly within the artificial environment.

Only very few survived and they were the ones they wanted. To those that survived their genes were strong and will produce strong genes with those they birth. Unlike most before her that was breed in a lab she was conceived by natural birthing. An officer fell in love with a harpy warrior. It took a year for the harpies to endure a natural birth, but with the scientist they are able to speed up that process by giving them half that time 6 months. Most harpies that come from the laboratories were unstable and had a huge aggression issue unlike natural birthed harpies.

Since harpies kill their sexual partners it was only time when they found the pregnant harpy mother with the perfect specimen. That harpy mother was kept in isolation away from their make shift tribe. A year later she has given birth to the perfect specimen that they were trying to achieve for decades.

Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Falling hair – Shortfall – Colors

Eyes: Stargazer Creations – Eyes Set – Draconar

Crown: []Trap[] & :[P]: Feather Crown Pose 1 [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Skin: Petrichor – Viscivorus Skin – Fabalis [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Feathers: []Trap[] & :[P]: Harpy Body Feathers [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Top: The Annex – Kimama Top – Black – Hourglass [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Bottoms: The Annex – Kimama Bottoms – Black – Hourglass [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Nails: Blaxium – Anjari Claws

Wings: Spider Production – Ascendant Wings – Fallen 2.0

Trees:Little Branch – BeachPalm.v2

Fort: BC~Legacy Realms Entry Tower

Siren’s Lore sponsored by Petrichor sim donated by Syn Breseford

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