The Duchess of Fife

It was a sunny afternoon in the mid 18th century. There she roamed a Duchess in her own right. She felt more comfortable outdoors on this day strolling in the garden of the unknown Duke that she didn’t wish to meet nor marry. She only heard tales of Charles Graham Duke of Montrose. He was a devilish rake and scoundrel in his own right. Illicit parties he attended in brothels and staying out all wee hours of mornings only to do it over again. She pleaded and tried to even bargain with her parents to not allow this arrange marriage to Duke of Montrose, but being a spinster herself at the age of twenty-four it was time for her to be wedded off and the Duke of Montrose was in the market for a wife.

Zenobia Abebe Duchess of Fife refused to acknowledge the meeting with her soon to be husband instead she roamed his courtyard admiring the scenery. The flowers were neatly trimmed and blossoming, butterflies were dancing around her and even her dog Tilda joined in with her as she barked at the doves pecking away at some tossed food for them. Zenobia had the brightest smile upon her face as she glanced down at her dog. She even laughed softly when she barked at the butterflies and doves. Till the towering shadowy figure of The Duke showed up. Taken back by his features he was extremely handsome and tall. He carried himself with a strong sense of dominance not of a man known to be a scoundrel. She noted that above his eye was a scar. Without thinking she went to reach up to touch it. Quickly just as she reached out he grasped her hand and pulled her towards a stand that sold cold drinks. In the process her hat was lost revealing her passive curly crimson hair.

With a gentle smirk upon the Dukes face he was finally able to see his bride perfectly within the afternoon sunlight. He made sure their fingers touched and entwined. His deep baritone boomed down at her.
“Zenobia, it’s been a pleasure making your acquaintance”

Hair: Analog Dog – Sinai – Variety [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Necklace: lassitude & ennui Forget-me-not necklace silver

Dress: Belle Epoque – Duchess of Devonshire – Sky (Legacy) [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Parasol: [The Forge] Yuki Parasol, Mint/White

Doves: {ANC} – no limits – ground doves – ham-pink

Dog: Hextraordinary- Chinese Crested – Two Toned Wanderer

Location: Fantasy Faire Zodiac Sim

Fantasy Faire Items:
Outfits: Duchess & Duke of Devonshire by Belle Epoque
Hair: Sinai by Analog Dog
Forget-me-not necklace silver by Lassitude & Ennui
Head: Daniel by Catwa
Skin: Dagger by Birth
Hair: Iori by Argrace
Pose made by Synful Ghost
Loulou’s Lemonade . Set @ Uber NEW
Vintage Cart – Cyan by BONDI
Milk Glass Mint & Lemons, & Lemonade Dispenser by Dahlia
Thank you Loki for being a great stand in! For more information please visit

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