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Friday the 13th and I just gonna say I hate this day. It already started off bad and it’s just gonna get worse. You ever had those feelings where you just don’t want to login to Second life? Welp, that is where I am at. Being a leader is really tough and sometimes I question myself on if I am a good leader and step down. Sometimes I have no clue what to do about these things and wish I had like a professional mentor on how to deal with this. But side note

SKIN FAIR 2020 is upon us and it opens up today! I am finally allowed to post the maps and SLURLS. The maps will be provided below and you all know the usual sponsors but this time TAOX TATTOOS is the top dog sponsor here and then Genus/Catwa/Signature and so forth. Do not forget that Signature has a contest going on for 50 female bodies and 50 male bodies so click on those boards when you go! In the photo I am wearing the catwa new head called Baisers. I am a little confused as to what sorta head it’s suppose to be, but I felt the end to run around in either the perky legacy body or slink petite chest, but overall I just worn my regular shape.

Honestly, I think the head is rather cute, I did get the Susan head when she had it on sale and I couldn’t really shape that to my liking. But this one was really cute and I was pretty okay with how I shaped it. I think I made a younger syn something like when she was in highschool or something. Maybe younger.

Head: CATWA HEAD Baisers v4.5 [New][@ Skin Fair]

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy Mesh body – Female

Skin: Belleza – Scarlett Skin – Mocha – Catwa [New][@ Skin Fair]

Top: Cynful Kiylee’s Bikini – Bra – Legacy Female

Bottoms: Cynful Kiylee’s Bikini – Panties – Legacy Female

Dermals: [ bubble ] Daisy Chest Dermals Unrigged

Dermals 2: [ bubble ] Daisy Collarbone Dermals Unrigged

Dermals 3: [ bubble ] Daisy Stomach Dermals


Onsen: Acid Rayne – Sakura Shores – 27 – Onsen [Rare][New][@ Gacha Guild]

Floatie: Acid Rayne – Sakura Shoes – 19 – Crane Float – Pink [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Latern: Acid Rane – Sakura Shoes – 15 – Lantern – Pink [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Snail 1: .Tardfish. Angry Snail [New][@ Hullaba Zoo]

Snail 2: .Tardfish. Happy Snail [New][@ Hullaba Zoo]

Bento Box: Acid Rayne – Sakura Shores – 13 – Picnic Food [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Takoyaki: Acid Rayne – Sakura Shores – 13 – Picnic Food [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Onigiri: Acid Rayne – Sakura Shores – 13 – Picnic Food [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Chocolate: 13 .TeaBunny. SoS Token Chocolate / Mint [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Nuggets: 5 .TeaBunny. SoS Dirt Nuggets [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Nuggets 2: 4 .TeaBunny. SoS Gold Nuggets [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Water: 2 .TeaBunny. SoS Refreshing River Spirit Bath Water [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Water 3: 1 .TeaBunny. SoS Refreshing Radish Spirit Bath Water [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Belleza – Scarlett Skin – Mocha, Fair, Dark Tan, Medium, Pale, Skinkissed, and Tan.

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