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Hey yall I am in a creative rut. I don’t think I posted hardly anything this month and sorry. Creative rut got me. I think I am saving all of my ideas for March with my events coming up. Side note: I am most likely gonna be not be active on my facebook hardly these next few days or weeks depends on how much more bashing of flickr did this and all the negativity. Peoples opinions and can’t have decent adult conversations without calling names and so forth. It’s tiresome. I’ve been arguing for two days about my own personal views on things an even made friends upset. Once things were explained a bit better I found myself torn and disgusted with my thoughts. I agree with some of their views but I have my own.
Will I continue to support Flickr aka Smughug maybe, maybe not but we’ll see once my subscription is up how I feel regarding it. But I am going to distances myself from facebook and discord for a awhile to not piss anyone else off and most importantly I just wanna have fun man.

Let’s talk about Enchantment here for a moment. First off my shirt is from Fika and it says ” Fire Swamp <insert rodent> 1982, Rodents of unusual size” It was inspired by The Princess Bride which is the theme for Enchantment this round. The event is beautiful and please go get this item if you are a fan and view the rest of the event! Fika also has a few new group gifts out as well! It’s worth the join! But that’s all I have to say about this at the moment! I’ll see yall again later!

Hair: lock&tuft – orlando hair [New][@ Equal10]

Skin: Mila – Neave Exotic – Genus [Older Skin][BOM]

Head: Genus – Baby Face

Body: Slink Hourglass

Eyeshadow: #Adored – Sultry shadow – sweetness ed – pink [Genus][BOM]

Eyeliner: #Adored – wild card liner – 02 – waterlined [Genus][BOM]

Lipstick: [GA.EG] Lipsticks – B – LP02 Hyergloss – P12 Gift [BOM]

Necklace: Asteroidbox – Ayla Necklace

Top: Fika – Torn Shirt [New][@ Enchantment]

Jeans: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Ego Jeans

Bracelets: Normandy – Love Demon Wrists

Camera: Lock&Tuft – Camera [New]

Backdrop: ninety – callejon [ backdrop ]

Pose: Fashiowl – Nezuko – Pose Stand [Edit it just a tad]

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