Sugar Rush

Evening guys! I have been since since Wednesday so almost an entire week. I took me all my will power to even attempt this photo and edit it. I lightly edit the photo so nothing spectacular there it’s almost in it’s rare form just enhanced to be brighter and darker in areas. I will promise myself I will be back up and running soon. I am short of breath, my attention span is drowsy and all I want to do is stop sounding like the predator each time I inhale and not ache. The hair was the main focal here and inspiration for the photo. I am actually happy to see Hely make this type of hair! It was really inspiring! You can get the items from Doe featured in the photo at Epiphany till the end of the month! Gonna go lie down! Good night!

Hair: Doe – Becca the Baker [New][@ Epiphany]

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy

Outfit: Horntail — Naomi Outfit – Antique [Fitted for Maitreya but worn deformers]

Powder on Body: Izzie’s – Baking Mess

Buns: Doe: Becca’s Buns [REZ] – B [New][@ Epiphany]

Buns 2: Doe: Becca’s Buns [REZ] – C [New][@ Epiphany]

Buns 3: Doe: Becca’s Buns [HOLD] – A [New][@ Epiphany]

Fridge: [ Organica ] Glass Front Fridge (metal)

Wheel: {YD} Cupcake Ferris wheel

Painting: [LJ] Eat Me Wall Art – Candy Fair Birthday Gift!

Parfaits: +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush – Bear Parfaits

Strawberries: +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush – Pink Choco Strawberries

Cookies: Ariskea[amour]. Sugar Cookies

Cake-Pops: +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush – Cat Cake Pops

Creampuffs: +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush – Bear Creampuffs

Petit Fours: +Half-Deer+ Sugar Crush – Petit Fours – Rainbow

Whisk in hand: MadPea GOFBB Whisk

Utensil: .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Utensil

Dough: .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Dough

Picture Frames: {Sickly SWEET} Frame Set – Cupcakes

Counter: MishMish – Hammies & Coffee / Cafe Counter Large

Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Polka-dots Cafe

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