The other broad was worse

OKAY, Complaining time coming up. Well more like a rant. When I tell you I can’t stand BOM; bakes on mesh. For those that don’t know what it’s about it’s basically how we use to dress pre-mesh. With all the system layers, but we can wear it on mesh now. When I tell you I am so irritated with this. Like WHO still saved all their pre system layer stuff? I was looking for something like hey I might still have this, but Nooooo. Many of you may not know of a ol’ school store called Repulse. This store was way before gore was really mainstream. Max’s items were system layer and I deleted all of it because I was like Pfft.

All my tattoos, clothes, whatever else I could think of was gone. Like WHOSE bright idea was like Hey, let’s input this after several years after they deleted all their items. I legit had to step away from the PC to take a breather because I was getting frustrated with the entire process. I was going to do a tutorial dummies for BOM Syn’s way, but maaan F that nose. BOM can go jump off a cliff. NOW, I do enjoy BOM, it’s very fun to wear system layers ago because now I can actually create how my human is suppose to look without having to worry about well that only takes my entire layer. The Con is that I don’t have NOTHING, hardly anything BOM. I was luckily to have this skin deep in my inventory that was BOM ready. Not my ideal skin, but HEY it worked. But in the end I ended up converting all my sonas into BOM ready bodies so at least I can have it ready ya know.


Hair: Lock&Tuft – Sawyer [New][@ Equal 10 ]

Body: Slink Redux Hourglass [BOM]

Skin: 7 deadly Skins – Asmita – Walnut

Eyebrows: Izzie’s – Eyebrows

Scars: La Malvada Mujer – He’s doing worse N3 [New]

Scars 2: La Malvada Mujer – He’s doing worse N1 [New]

Scars 3: Zombie Suicide – Eye Brusies

Bloody Nose: Izzie’s – Bloody Nose

Face Tattoo: Bolson – Ryo Tattoo

Body Tattoo: Speakeasy – Heavy Tattoo

Collar: Teabunny – Heart Ring Collar

Piercing: Suicidal Unborn – Face Piercing Set – Genus

Bloody hands: – Unicorn Thorn – Bloody Hands [Marketplace]

Cuffs: Axix – Plastikmaniac Cuff

Romper: Insanya – Romper

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