Street food

Happy Weekend yall! I think it was Thursday I did a short 16 min video of me actually creating this basic scene. As I tried to explain in the description basic scenes to me are pretty music basic. I don’t really enjoy much in the scene only to a few items to give it life. I’ll post the link to the youtube and let you check it out!

Oh! I’ll talk about my character! Being around my Xero, some of this ideas wore off on me. His fursona is Hyena and so since he is a yeen it wore off on me to create my own yeen suitable for me! She is a mutant of course since all my characters are pretty much Zoanthropes. I wanted her to be a mixture of like a leopard and yeen or just a pure yeen. I am not sure yet one where I wanna go with her nor her name. I wrote on the reference sheet, by the way my bestie Rayne Starcaller-Haze did for me and she is open for commission guise; Tiye, but I don’t think I wanna go with Tiye anymore.

Anyways have a good weekend see yall next week or maybe tomorrow with another post o.o


Hair: Lock&Tuft – Feli

Top: Vinyl – Foodie Tee – Red [New][@ The Food Court]

Jeans: Osmia – Phoebe Lace up jeans – Blue

Collar: random.matter – feral collar

Food: Junk Food – El Taco Box

Backdrop: Ninety – Corner Street 4 [Gacha]

Birds: ANC – Flock of Flying Doves – Choco- brown

Trashcan: Balaclava – Trash Can – Metal

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