Ghastly Display

Posters: HILTED – Holo Bones – Tintable [New][Previous @ Hallow Manor]

Cabinet: Eclectica Curiosities Dark Victorian Medicine Cabinet-RARE [New][Previous @ Hallow Manor]

Potion Bottle 1: Eclectica Curiosities poison bottle 3 [New][Previous @ Hallow Manor]

Potion Bottle 2: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 1

Potion Bottle 3: Eclectica Curiosities perfume bottle 3

Potion Bottle 4: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 6

Potion Bottle 5: Eclectica Curiosities perfume bottle 1

Potion Bottle 6: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 7

Potion Bottle 7: Eclectica Curiosities poison bottle 1

Potion Bottle 8: Eclectica Curiosities perfume bottle 2

Potion Bottle 9: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 3

Potion Bottle 10: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 2

Potion Bottle 11: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 4

Potion Bottle 12: Eclectica Curiosities poison bottle 2

Potion Bottle 13: Eclectica Curiosities potion bottle 5

Lamp: crate Filament Foorlamp Spookzilla Edtion [New][@ Spookzilla]

Coffin: crate Lost Souls Coffin Spookzilla Edtion [New][@ Spookzilla]

Witches Hats: MINIMAL – Halloween Hunt -4-

Pumpkin stand: MINIMAL – Halloween Hunt -6-

Skull stand: MINIMAL – Halloween Hunt -8-

Back pumpkin: {moss&mink} Pumpkin Planter [New][@ Spookzilla]

Rug: [CIRCA] – “Dia De Muertos” Skelly Door Mat – “Dark Side” [New]

Pumpkins: [CIRCA] – “Dia De Muertos” Short Pumpkin – Purp-Org Floral (S) [New]

Pumpkin 2: [CIRCA] – “Dia De Muertos” Tall Pumpkin – Pink-Purp Floral (S) [New]

Pumpkin 3: [CIRCA] – “Dia De Muertos” Short Pumpkin – Orange Key (L) [New]

Wall light: SynCo – Moon Wall Light [New][@ Spookzilla]

Sofa: SynCo – Crescent Sofa – Plain

Books: MINIMAL – Halloween Hunt -5-

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