In my fumes

First post for Hallow Manor! I got some La Malvada Mujer, The Annex, Dreaming Thicket and Endless Pain Tattoos going on here. I’lll be including the vendor images below on how they look because I made my photo a tad dark so my tattoo is blended. Oh well! Still a gorgeous photo! Most of these items are free for the hunt, if I read things correctly you pay to get the hud which is found here… There is 3(three) tiers for the hunt: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold being you by pass everything and get the prizes directly. Bronze you gotta hunt for the 10 keys to get the prizes. Silver you get a 10 token one time pass for your choice of prize, BUT you will have to purchase if I read this correct the silver pass to do it all over again. Please read how things are being done correctly so there aren’t any confusion! Remember Hallow Manor is going till Nov 12th! Long time good enough for me to get some posts out!

Hair: Doe – Karlie (twotone) – Fatpack

Eyebrows: #Adored – Devilish Brows – Rainbow brite edition [New]

Eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Mud Eyeshadow [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Lipsticks: La Malvada Mujer – Mud Lipstick[New][@ Hallow Manor]

Headpiece: The Annex – Perry’s Folly Headpiece – Pure Black [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Gown: Dreaming Thicket – Amaranth Gown – Slink Hourglass – Fucshia [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Earring: ERSCH – Kibba Earring

Necklace: Safira – Dolce Necklace – Gold

Talons: Ni.Ju – Talons LB ver Halloween 2019 [New]

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo – Vampire Sleeves [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Backdrop: VARONIS – Path to Absolution Backdrop [Gift @ K9]

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