Visual Wraith

With my current situation I decided to just dive into my photos. I’ve lost a sponsor a couple of days ago because they said my photos weren’t suitable for their brand anymore. Prior to that I made this post featuring their item but meh it was too good to just throw away. I see it as their loss and I won’t be bothering with the brand anymore

Anyways same time as last year Gacha Guild is opening up in a few hours so go spend money. Lots of non furry items there and these awesome animesh rare items from Darkendstare. Portraits are from Static as well as the skybox I am in. So go play and enjoy


Hair: Doe – Dark Room – Neons

Dress: CerberusXing – Vicious Vaccine – VIP

Eye gore: Cureless&Disorderly – Unholy Sight

Eyes on Fingers: Human Glitch – IYMXCPS – Rigged

Candles: Witchcraft – Summoners Candles

Body wounds: La Malvada Mujer – Spark [New]

Bloody Face: Suicidal Unborn + Conviction – Sicklove

Building: ::Static:: GG Prop Hunt! – 17 Asylum Basement Skybox RARE [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Wraith 1: darkendStare. Revenants / bird wraith [blood] RARE [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Wraith 2: darkendStare. Revenants / skeleton wraith [blood] RARE [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Pictures: ::Static:: GG Prop Hunt! – 15 Eye Horror Frames UNCOMMON [New][@ Gacha Guild]

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