Back to school

While yall were dealing with the Level Event professionalism and ridcule I was dealing with the death of a family member, my baby boy dog passed way yesterday. Oh I am so heart broken, I can’t stop crying. How does one go on with such heart ache. I sit here and cry while typing this. It hurts so much. I feel like I failed in protecting him. I had him since he was a puppy. It’s a mother job to protect their babies and I just failed him. I tried I tried. We tried to save him so badly. I just failed.

Aside not, regards to the level event. I too applied to level event was not as soon as I logged in I was on my way to write them a letter. It does not say anywhere do not contact us about your rejection. I thought I was a perfect fit for level event. I knew why I got rejected and it just really bothers me. I know the 1 reason I got rejected was due to me being a furry or hardly to no favs. The professionalism that Jaay and her partner did was extremely uncalled for, in real life I do have called employment places were I was denied to see what they were looking for and what I can do to better myself on getting picked next. The way she worded it in the notecard could’ve been better. I will say I won’t be supporting Level Event just on the judgement alone how Jaay made a “sarcastic” “joking” post about said blogger being ugly and so forth. Just that alone made me be thankful that I was not picked to be their blogger.

Everyone gets rejected constantly, and it doesn’t hurt to take a few mins or seconds to reply saying this is why I did not pick you, xyz. We all have to make a choice on what we support and so forth, after all sometimes we have to buy items just to blog an event item and vice versa. So I can pick where I chose to spend my money and it aint level event nor pose maniacs.


Hair: [INK] COLORED PENCIL w/ SHORTCUT ::Copper/Ginger

Body: Belleza – Freya

Sticky Note: :Zombie Suicide: Fun Sticky NotesSticky Note: [New][@ Whore Couture]

Shirt: Insanya – Schoolgirl Shirt – B.FREYA NATOutfit [New][@ Whore Couture]

Skirt: Insanya – Schoolgirl Skirt – B.FREYA [New][@ Whore Couture]

Bracelet: Epicine – Neon Jelly Bracelets – Lime

Bracelet 2: Epicine – Lain Bracelet – Rainbow

Dermals: Bubble [You can find them in previous posts]

Belly Ring: Bubble – Heart Belly Piercing

Mannequin: {-MK-} Display mannequin -high school- (4Li/peach) [Tinted]

Backdrop: Back to School RENEGADE Backdrop – The Bearded Guy

desk: ionic : College desk (B)

Pencils: [ keke ] pencils and pens GIFT

Book: .peaches. Vintage Desk – Book and Pen

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