You should see me in a crown

Friday the 13th guise, and what a photo I have for you. The Ark is open and it features animalistic type of items for you all. Here I am wearing Mad and Rainbow Sundae for you. Both went with an aquatic type of vibe.
The seashell pasties are from Beautiful Dirty rich, comes in most sizes for popular bodies out there. Not much to say here at all, but have a nice Friday the 13th.


Hair: Doe – Sat & Sun – Candy [New][@ The Arcade][Shown Sun]

Scales: Rainbow Sundae – Lizard Scales [New][@ The Ark]

Brows: Mad – Anthozoa Accessories – Anthrozoa Brows [New][@ The Ark]

Crown: Mad – Anthozoa Accessories – Anthrozoa Crown [New][@ The Ark]

Wrists: Mad – Anthozoa Accessories – Anthrozoa Wristband [New][@ The Ark]

Earrings: Mad – Anthozoa Accessories – Anthrozoa Earring [New][@ The Ark]

Necklace: Mad – Anthozoa Accessories – Anthrozoa Necklace [New][@ The Ark]

Ears: Trap – Fishy Ears

Bubble: uK – Sea Life Bubbles v5Bubble

Bubble 2: uK – Sea Life Bubbles v5

Fish: Foxwood – Ghost fish – School (decor)

Fish 2: Foxwood – Ghost fish – Big (decor)

Grass: .:BiSou:. Seagrass Dark Green Mix Square 3

Pasties: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Araxie – Seashell Pastries Set

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