Harsh & Rotten

YO! I am actually writing this Saturday late night for me and well it’s early morning for the rest of the world. I retook this photo, I felt like I rushed the first photo and just taking it on a plain background wan’t for me. So I slept on it, recharged and retook it again and this time it was better than before. For those that are starting to follow me or does follow me, you already know I mix a bit of urban aesthetic with fantasy.
I have no clue, but it works for me, my style. My color palette for this photo was a bit crazy, thanks to suggestions from Asylum Miggins for noting my wacky taste in colors. I actually had white panties on, but I was like Naaaah, so I am a demon who rocks purple and green extremely well.
Any who, I am tired from working on this photo and watching Elite season 2 on netflix, if ya hadn’t heard of it or wanted to watch it, DO IT. Season 2 its great. After this I’ll watch Dark Crystals in one go! Ha, I’ll see you guise next week so enjoy!!

Hair: Lock&Tuft – Los Angeles – Funky Pack


Eyes: Human Glitch – DBLEYS – Fullpack eyes [Shown on Catwa Unrigged eyes]

Skin: Father – Devil Unisex Skin – Omega Only [Hunt item, Femboy 2L]

Ears: [M.O.R] teleri elf ears

Earrings: [M.O.R] teleri ear sparkling swirls : SILVER

Horns: The Plastik – Elementalis Horns [Techno]:// Ultra

Tail: [M.O.R] bento demon tail

Collar: AsteroidBox. Caelum Collar

Nipples: [omnis] CuteNipples

Nose Chain: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring & Nose Chain – style 3

Corset: :::insanya::: Corset [Tinted]

Tattoo: Gauze – Shiva – Fel-Lock

Orb: Egosumaii – Spector Orb Censer – Demonic

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