Nom, nom, nom!

Hokai! So first all I am so use to my avatar that I totes forgot my bunny ears, but you can claim they’re folded behind me to save the illusion. It didn’t dawn on me till later this day that I was missing my ears lmao. This was a very fun post for me to do. Something more my element and not so restricted. It was fun getting back to my roots.

I’m working on my shading some so I’m not too sorry things look a bit unnatural. I will say when you wear this Sweater or Dress in the Freya item I am wearing the boobs are torpedo shaped. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about it was for that shape and also with the hud if you have on a colored option the patches are only available for black not any other color, but you can get this item at Curves by Glutz. Which is open now.

See yall tomorrow or for the weekend, I am tired and gonna curl up and play on my phone!


Hair: Lock&Tuft – Syd – Browns/Reds

Top: Glutz – Layers – Fatpack [New][@ Curves]

Noodles: {MB} Opened Ramen Bowl /w Chopsticks #1[I edit out the chopsticks made them invisible]

Vending machine: Schadenfreude (L$/mid) KokeshiTea Vending Machine

Neon Sign: .random.Matter. – Neon Signs – Pervert KR [Yellow]

Partial Neon Sign: Anachron – Neon Dystopia Signs Gacha – Cafe

Scooter: {what next} Vacanza Scooter Set2 (DECOR ONLY)

Noodles on scooter: .random.Matter. – Market – Ramyeon

Drinks: .random.Matter. – Market – Soda Cans

Chopsticks: .random.Matter. – Mukbang – Chopsticks [Noodles]

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