Love Killer

So, I will admit this Enchantment go around I couldn’t get much into it. I couldn’t figure out how to combine all my designers I blog for into one photo. This is half of the designers. I got Fika, Enchantment, and Stargazer. I wanted to do a not safe for work sort of deal. Fika has new scarification out

Not much to honestly say here I am just in a mood. So I’ll be seeing yall in a couple more days with more blogs.


Body: Slink Hourglass

Body Shine: Stargazer Creations – Web of Acid

Potion bottle: [Cubic Cherry] {Potion} mouthy PINK

Scarification: Fika – Body Carvings – Pelvis Carvings [New]

Backdrop: .::DD::. Mystic Chambers Backdrop [Previous Enchantment]

Shelf: MOoH! Alchemist shelf 3 4LI [Previous Enchantment]

Owl & Shelf: MOoH! Potion rack wt owl 3LI RARE [Previous Enchantment]

Orb: MOoH! Magic orb purple 3LIOrb [Previous Enchantment]

Bottles: MOoH! Potion bottles blues 1LI [Previous Enchantment]

Dermals are all by Bubble [Sorry for the shot handed on typing out each one but I’ve used them previously so go back and relook]

This is a shot of what I was using in the photo.

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