Shine Hard

So! My photo is a raw shot sorta. After I merged my windlights and tilted my photo some, I sat there on call with my best friend Rayne, and I go dood, I don’t wanna touch this photo. She goes Lemme see, and I showed her and she goes What do you mean touch it?! You edited it. I said no, all I did was merge my windlights and tilted it. I showed it to a very important person, Hera, and she said DON’T TOUCH IT, nonetheless.

Also long side of getting Lock&Tuft as a new creator to blog for, I got a really kick ass neat store called Human Glitch. Like they make some really freaky things I am into. They released a pair of eyeballs that I am dying to blog. Similar to a pair I blogged previous, but man I tell you this store is really underrated. They do poses, skins and accessories. Link down below, check them out for real.


Hair: Lock&Tuft – Jester Hair – Browns/Reds [New][@ Hair Fair 2019]

Head: Genus – Babyface

Body: Belleza – Freya

Skin: Human Glitch – SKN01 – Gr [New]

Eyes: Human Glitch – RPTLEYS – Fatpack [New]

Neck fluff: E.V.E Ink Flower Neck Ruff [EMERALD] [Hunt item] [@ Enchantment]

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn – Face Piercing Set 01 [For Genus only]

Nipple piercings: Drunken Brokkr – Sunna Nipple Piercing [New][@ Curves]

Sparkles: Puke Rainbows – Sparkles Spiral Rain [New][@ Enchantment]

Sunray: Puke Rainbows – Sparkles Sunlight & Moonlight [New][@ Enchantment]

Materials: Stargazer Creations – Body Shine Materials – Space Glyphs [New]

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