You got that good?

So I got a new designer to blog for, Lock&Tuft, now I probably have HALF their store like I do with Doe. A lot of people love certain hair stores, but lemme tell you why I love Lock&Tuft.

First of all their hair is un-rigged, sometimes it’s rigged but they include rigged and un-rigged meshes for those that don’t have regular human heads or the standard human heads!

On certain characters I wear certain Lock&Tuft hairs, like with my buneyna (bunny/hyena hybrid) still working on some parts to make her look bunny like, but right now it’s her tail. Anyways, I prefer their shoulder hairs that in a symmetrical type of cut, more so I wear their boy cuts. I love guy hair I think most guy hair is cooler than females.

I get tired of seeing pony tails. Lock&Tuft brings different styles to the grid. You can catch this style which is called Beau. Hair Fair proceeds goes to Wigs for kids. So buying this hair a percentage goes towards the charity!

Hair: Lock&Tuft – Beau – Browns/Reds [New][Comes w/hair base][@ Hair Fair 2019]

Choker: Conviction – Nameplate Choker – 04 – Crybaby

Jacket: -Pixicat- Biker Jacket – Leather [FLF release]

Dermal: Bubble – Heart Collarbone Dermals

Dermal: Bubble – Stars Collarbone Dermals

Cuffs: CerberusXing – Stray’s Cuffs – Black

Bag: FLite – Dimebag – GrandDaddy Purple #13

Backdrop: anxiety %shoplifters

Chair: anxiety %shoplifters (double chair)

Table: anxiety %shoplifters (table)Table

Chips: .peaches. Cluster Chips

Soda: .peaches. Purge Soda Spill

Soda 2: anxiety %weirdo sodaSoda 2:

Tapes: anxiety %weirdo mixtapes

Snacks: anxiety %weirdo snacks

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