Flower Power

Okay so I kinda of blend in with the photo, but believe it or not the back ground is not a stock image, it’s from Minimal new group gift. It has a bunch of flowers and steps, I just turned it around so the flowers were the main focus. To get the backdrop just pay the 50L to join and bam you got it along with a few other gifts. Speaking of more group gifts, Beautiful Dirty Rich as a TON of group gifts for you to join and also a special 10 year anniversary gift. I am wearing her newest group gift, a pretty dress called Sandra Dress. Bracelets were free at Fameshed? Whichever event that has two cam sims and it took days to get into just to get the free gifts.
Anyways, I know this is a late post, but Like I said I am dealing with a sick puppers and he needs to be watched careful and so forth so my attention is divided right now. So late at night how it is, is better for me to blog and do everything for the moment.

Have a good Wednesday/Thursday morning!

Hair: Truth – Jacica

Tiara: Bubble – Daisy Tiara – Pink

Choker: Bubble – Daisy Choker – Pink

Dermal 1: Bubble – Daisy Chest Dermals

Dermal 2: Bubble – Daisy Collarbone Dermals

Bracelets: Sallie – Logo Bangle Bracelets

Dress: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Sandara Dress [New][Group Gift; free to join]

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