SO! I am officially back! I did a nsfw photo a couple of days ago, to get the juices back going, but I am officially back to blogging. I am currently catching up on all my sponsors and leaving some for my insanity. Throughout the month of July I been experimenting with several tutorials and practice practice practice, speaking to different bloggers, artists and so forth! Man I am tired!

With my company gone a couple of days ago and working on the magazine and revamping stuff. I AM LEGIT TIRED. So with my brain ready to go with some reboot I am ready to go with blogging again. I will limit myself on what I do and will go on hiatus in between if my load gets to heavy!

Nothing is new in the photo! Just my normal hybrid self. I mean I have so much from my favorite stores that sometimes the items are new to me, like WHAT?! When did I buy that or was given that?! Anyways enjoy yalls Saturday! I’m outtie!


Hair: Sn@tch – Mika Hair

Lipstick: La Mavada Mujer – She said Lips [Genus]

Glasses: Bubble – Aurora Round Glasses

Ears: AII – Cotton Usagi

Collar: Zombie Suicide – Ash Collar

Necklace: Voluptas Virtualis – Sana Necklace

Dermal: Bubble – Heart Collarbone Dermal

Dermal 2: Bubble – Stars Collarbone Dermal

Top: Insanya – Tubetop – Solid

Skirt: Sn@tch – Loren Split Skirt

Bracelets: DillyDolls – Bellan Wristbands

Tattoo: Dysphoria – Paenitentia Tattoo

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