Hey yall, it’s my second post for Vintage Fair. Yes I am extremely behind and I will make up for it in the coming days, I promise. You have here me in Jinx Centaur avatar. I’m not gonna lie, this avatar body is hard to get your AO to work with. Even reading the notecard and watching the youtube video it was still hard. No matter what I did it just wouldn’t like sync up correctly. Regular poses will not work with it, you can not just simply ‘pose’ it. In order for me to get human poses to work with the poses I bought, I had to BREAK it. Simply by clicking things on and off, on and off several times till I just broke it.

Finally I got it to work and I was able to use kinda the original pose for the Centaur which is by… Antaya for 99L on maketplace.

Signing off! – Kodeine

Hair: KMH Hair – F112 Fatpack [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Top: By Swirly – Burlesque Outfit – Slink [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Elizabetta Lips [New][p@ Vintage Fair]

Lipstick: Zibska – Elizabetta Eyemakeup [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Centaur: Jinx – Centaur

Splats: Jinx – Vintage Centaur – Lights [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Tattoo: Ivory & Rose – Tender Tattoo [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Big top: RO – Circus Rot – Two Top Tent

Tank: RO – Circus Rot – Mary Murk

Cannon: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Cannon


Ticket Booth: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Ticket Booth

Clown: RO – Circus Rot – Chubbs RARE

HIDEKI – Trampoline

Ring of Fire: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Fire Ring

Balloon: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Floating Umbrella – Stripes

Balloon 2: .peaches. – Ahava Balloons

Balloon 3: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Floating Umbrella – Black

Apples: RO – Circus Rot – Bobbing for pineAPPLEgrenades

Trunk: RO – Circus Rot – Magicians Trunk

Wheel: MadPea Cirque de Folie – Lucky Wheel GOI

Unedited close up of the tattoo & makeup and hair

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