Almost Violent

HEY Guise! I hope you are having a great Saturday night! Well what’s left of it! This is my second collaboration of 2019 and I’m soooo excited. I am doing collaborations with bloggers that I admire and look up too! Here I am with my senpai Saka! She came to me the other day and said collaboration, yes? I’m like YES. We were trying to do a collaboration with the Cureless gacha from Epiphany, but our timing didn’t sync up.
I apologize if it looks ‘dark’, but for some reason no matter what I did I couldn’t make it brighter?? But I thought it looked really good considering all.
Anyways, have a great Sunday guise.

Hair: Discord Designs – Codie – Corroded

Piercings: Blaxium – Venenosa Piercing [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Lipstick: Punki – Dolce Lipstick

Goggles: Sole – SA – Visor GLATT [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Arm: Sole – SA – Armtech Mk.4 [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Gloves: Antinatural – Deathracer – Driving Cloves [tinted]

Outfit: Asteroidbox – Erebus Outfit – Hourglass [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Choker: Antinatural – Synthetic Crush – USB Choker – White

Backdrop: Cranked# Backdrop Cyberpunk 2077 [New][@ Cyberpunk]


Butterfly: OLQINU : cyber survivor <digital butterfly [reality]>6

Light: DISORDERLY. / Experimental / Standing Light

Posters: K&S – // posters [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Trashcan: CHI – Slick Scifi Trash Can

Trash: CHI – trashbag

Pose: Animosity – C-119 [New][@ Cyberpunk][comes with prop guns]

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