Pastel Pretty

So, Xero gifted me something a few weeks ago for my birthday and I just never gotten around to putting it together. I love him to death because he always notices things about me personally and he realizes that I love vibrant colors. So whenever he gifts me something it’s in a color that I love. Not most know about my personal things in second life because I keep them under wraps, but his fursona is normally either a drake or hyena. Our one year anniversary is coming up Monday and I’m really happy to have him in my slife.
Anyways! Over the last couple of days my bestie Lola and I went and bought the Belleza Freya bodies together and I have to say I am SOOO upset for not getting this body sooner. There are a few things I would love to take from each of my bodies, does this mean I am a Belleza main now? Hell no, Hourglass for the win. Does this mean I’ll wear more belleza outfits? YOU BETCHA.
Anyways have a good weekend!

Hair: Truth – Batty

Wings: M.O.R – Broken Cherub Wings

Outfit: NYNE – Sporty Bodysuit – Latex [New][@ Curves]

Cuffs: Noir – Yani Cuffs

Anklets: Bubble – Simple Beaded Anklets

Necklace: Vibing+Nova – Asumi Choker

Backdrop: LAGOM – Colorbomb Backdrops – [Poolside] #12

Pool: [Commoner] Grown-Up Kiddie Pool / Green

Plants: hive // kentia palm plant II

Bar: {What Next} Dahlia Outdoor Drinks Cart

Pose: HB Poses – Sara Pose Set [New][@ Curves]

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