Oh, let’s break it down!

Hey readers! Cyberpunk is still going and let’s just say I got more posts to show for you guise! I did over the weekend collaborate with a fellow blogger who I admire, she reached 500 posts! Congrats Asylum and keep going! Anyways my look was inspired by Lucio from Overwatch, I have no clue why because I never played him, I guess cause he’s so bright and bubbly that whenever I hear him I’m like DO YOUR ULT!! SO I CAN GO OH LET’S BREAK IT DOWN!! I’ve been playing Overwatch for like three days and yes I suck. I like to play Ashe and Torbjorn. Anyways enjoy the look! I still have to officially do my first Curves post >.>! I been so consumed by Cyberpunk that I totally forgot about Curves.


Hair: [Gauze] Harley – Naturals 2 [NO longer Available]

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Perseus Makeup [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Lipstick: Zibska – Haerveu Lips [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Nose ring: Zombie Suicide – Huge Septum – Glowing [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Hoodie: Beautiful Dirty Rich Highway To Never Hoodie Slink Hourglass [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Tail: -BM- Bento USB Cable Big v1.5

Choker: Normandy-Cable Choker

Earphones: [The Forge] Cyber Neko Headphones , Blue [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Legs: Violetility – TechnoFaun Legs [Slink Female]

Backdrop: K&S – // Night neon mood. backdrop [New][Rare][@ Cyber/Punk]

Machine: K&S – // snacking machine [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Posters: K&S – // posters [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

K&S – // cardboard boxes 2 [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

K&S – // neon sign “bar” [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

K&S – // dumpster [New][@ Cyber/Punk]

Bot: Luas CyberPunk Bot Companion Fatpack [New][@ Cyber/Punk][Wearable, but rezzed it]

Pose: Made by me.

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