Church of Night

Hey you guise I hope you are having an awesome Saturday, I know I am! I am as I type this on discord with my friends, talking about random games! I had a blogger block for a while hence why I hadn’t been posting. I actually had to confine in a friend to help me.

Also what has my time divided is because I am working on a second life magazine! I am learning a new program, I am not sure if I told you guise this in the previous post, but It’s not hard but time consuming. While I’m trying to be the boss there I also have to abide by all my blogger rules. I am going to be event heavy for awhile but that’s good enough for me!

I hope you guise have a good weekend and be on the lookout for Fursona Magazine coming soon!!!


Hair: lock&tuft – 1975

Skin: Mila – Aurora – Exotic

Eyes: Cureless – Ophelia Eyes

Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Cave Eyeshadow

Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer – Cave lipstick

Choker: The Little Bat – Goth Choker

Ears: Andore – Little Delight Ears [No longer available]

Rings: Stay Chic – Cleo Rings [New][@ Curves]

Dress: Sn@tch – Zandra Velvet Gown [New][@ Curves]

Bracelet: Fortuna – Cassandra Bracelet

Nails: Fika – Ostara’s Nails – Silver Foil

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