Skin Fair 2019: Mila Aurora Skin

Skin Fair ends tomorrow so just finished up a few more posts and I AM FREE. I am seriously taking a blogger break after this one. My creative juices are shot all to hell. I will sleep for 20 hours on my off day and play 48 hours of League of Legends.

NOW, many of you realize I do not do shape posts what so ever. So this year in Skin Fair for my final posts I said why the hell not! Zombie Suicide actually has a pretty nice shape, above is the face of the shape it’s really nice. The body I wore is Short and Chubby and I gave a questionable eyebrow raise because even though it was short, it wasn’t chubby. I mean I get it, my version of chubby is different from the next persons, but hey it might be chubby to my readers!

Mila’s skin surprising was really pretty! The skin comes with the usual Brown/Black/Browless, but the thing that made me swoon was that in her body hud’s you have… Normal/Push up/Chubby/Push Up. YOU HEARD IT CHUBBY!!! Now this to me is a plus plus plus as a bigger broad in real life my stomach is not flat and looking like a normal broads stomach. So seeing this Chubby body applier amplifies how my character will look.
Yes, Syn is my OC; Original Character. Now with Mila she only gave us Seven out of Eight tones to try, Choco is missing. I would LOVED to have tried that tone. So this is how the skinning goes: Sugar, Fair, Ivory, Honey, Tan, Bronze, Exotic, and Choco.
Above I have them listed how they were received in the folder: Bronze, Exotic, Fair, Honey, Ivory, Sugar, and Tan. I honestly didn’t know Mila made skins?! I thought she just did make up because I have a ton of Mila make ups.


Head: Genus – Babyface

Hair: *Besom~ #Girlgang Bun

Skin: Mila – Aurora Skin [Bronze/Exotic/Fair/Honey/Sugar/Tan][New][@ Skin Fair]

Shape: Zombie Suicide – Visious Shape [Genus + Maitreya][New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyelashes: Pout – Alice Lashes [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyeshadow: Livia – Tasya Eyeshadow [Genus][New][@ Skin Fair]

Lipstick: Look at me – Cherry HD Lipgloss [New][@ Skin Fair]

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