Skin Fair 2019: Birth Skins Chloe

Birth Skins Chloe comes in 8 different tones. They’re all from displayed how they’re in the pack. From 01-08. Not many know this but I use to blog for Birth Skins about two years ago? Maybe a year ago. I use to wear his tone 08. His Chloe skin looks like mature older woman type of face because she has laugh lines. It’s cute because in real life I have really big laugh lines. So the face isn’t much far off from mine own but then again it is my shape.

I was mostly impressed with the eyeshadow from Crone. It came in 6 different textures. I tried to make sure I shown at least half of them, but my first collage I messed up and had to retake a few photos. Now the lipstick was a little hmm. I have a knack at giving new things a try and it looked pretty on the add, and yes it did have some pretty textures. Those two were my favorite, the lipstick is from Kosmetik. Anyways one more post and I am finished! :D Till next year. My last post will probably just feature a skin.

Hair: Doe – Paris – Monotones

Head: Catwa – Lilly

Skin: Birth Skins – Chloe [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyes: Cubic Cherry – Ella Eyes [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyeshadow: The Crone – Soft Sparkle Eyeshadow [New][@ Skin Fair]

Lipstick: Kosmetik – Everlasting Ombre [New][@ Skin Fair]

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