You caught me!

Hey yall! I am so sorry I hadn’t posted in a couple of days. Real Life has been so crazy that I am going bonkers! I really didn’t have time to do Side by Side photos so this one is just a straight portrait! I am featuring just a few items from Skin Fair 2019! LAQ, Fallen Gods and Shiny Stuff! I am actually a fan of all three which is why I mashed them all up together. Everyone has been doing puppets and human type looks with the LAQ Ivy bento head, I wanted to do an IMP! In my head Imps are kind of childish and naive, spunky!
I had an old roleplay character as an IMP this was waaaaay before bento and mesh was even heard of. Remember the sizes XL, X, S, M ya that time and a little before. So this felt right to do! The head is really adorable and most of all I love are the lips and eyes. Anyways Skin Fair is still going and the Complicity meter as been picked up so go! You have till the 24th of March!

-Synful / Kodeine

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Uruk Kin [xx] – Genesis Dust xx + FGinc [New][@ Skin Fair]

Head: LAQ – Bento Head – Ivy [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyes: Anatomy – Polycoria – Green & Blue

Eyeshadow: Shiny Stuffs – City Lights Shadows [LAQ Only][New][@ Skin Fair]

Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs – Sweet Talker [LAQ Only][New][@ Skin Fair]

Hair: .EscalateD. Farrah – Hair *busty

Horns: .{Rue}. Horns/Oracle : Bone

Wings: [M.O.R] punky succubus wing

Ears: [M.O.R] teleri elf ears

Necklace: Ama. : The Cyclic Necklace

Choker: :MoonAmore: Eyeholic / Choker (Purple)

Top: :::Sn@tch Ayla Top (SLINK HG):::

Drink: Junk Food – Big Glup Cup (Static)

Bracelet: O.M.E.N – Spiked Bracelet – Bubblegum

Vending Machine: NOMAD // Sandwich Vendor

Vending Machine 2: NOMAD // Hot Pizza Vendor

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