Yet again I was trying some new techniques, each photo I try. I was trying to make the background a little bit more neon and so forth. I think I did a bit too much of neon effect, but I overall in love with this photo.
The teapots are from Fika at Eclipse event. I was puzzled with this item like what am I gonna do with a teapot purse! So after playing some video games, movies, and looking at inspiration work I was like yup I know. And this was the look I got! Enjoy the look!

Hair: Sn@tch – Inara Hair

Head: Catwa – Lilly

Eyeshadow: Suicidal Unborn – Oksanna Eyeshadow

Lipstick: Boataom – Colorful Lipsticks

Necklace: Noir – Satine Choker

Rings: Cynful – Ring Set 1

Jacket: Sn@tch – Lui Mei Kimono Jacket

Top: Insanya – Clara Bandeau

Thong: Insanya – Thong Pack – Pack 1

Belts: Sheba – Cam Legbelt

Shoes: CerberusXing – Wrapped Himo Geta – 2-Black

Teapot: Fika – Eclipse Teapot [New][@ Eclipse]

Plant: hive // kentia palm plant II

Lanterns: AF Paper Lanterns – Long Yellow

Backdrop: FOXCITY. Pastel Love Gacha – 9 – Banana Leaf (Violet) (Common)

Pose: Serendipity

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