All kneel before me

I apologize for the photo being so dark :/ I guess I returned to my normal roots to where I am hiding in the dark. Sigh, this -was- my contest entry for Enchantment, but it’s too dark. I did have an idea in mind where I would be kind of hidden in the dark over cast of shadows or something, but I guess I over edit it v.v, but it’s still a pretty shot of all the items I did have in there.
Anyways, Enchantment runs till March 4th! So I’ll be doing another fantasy photo hopefully that’ll be my contest entry! I’ll be busy in March with several events that I am proud to be part of! ^^ So expect a LOT of posts from me in March! I look forward seeing you for Skin Fair 2019 and Curves!!

Hair: Emo-tions – Areta – Reds [New][@ Enchantment]

Skin: I have no clue I forgot

Eyes: Seydr – An Unexpected Journey – Legolas & Thandruil [New][@ Enchantment]

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Aubree EYemakeup [New][@ Enchantment]

Lipstick: Zibska – Aubree Lips [New][@ Enchantment]

Ears: M.O.R – Teleri Elf Ears [New]

Circlet: Elemental – Feronia Circlet [New][@ Enchantment]

Dress: Poet’s Heart – Aerin [New][@ Enchantment]

Pose: Stardust – Guardian – 03 Bento Pose + Phial [New][@ Enchantment]

Throne: [Drakes] – Throne of the Rohirrim [New][@ Enchantment]

Case: The Half Moon Market – Rivendell Bookcase [New][@ Enchantment] [Modded to blow it bigger]

Table: The Half Moon Market – Rivendell Side Table [New][@ Enchantment]

Food: andika – Elven Cakes – Lembas [New][@ Enchantment]

Candle: Raindale – Elnaril floor candle holder (light gold) [New][@ Enchantment]

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